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IdeaAssassins @ Visualeyez 2009

IdeaAssassins will be presenting their performance Project No. 66 – In a Pool as part of Latitude 53’s Performance Art Festival, Visualeyez. We have posted the following videos as a way to extend the performance. We would love for you to respond to the videos in any way you see fit. Your responses will become part of Project No. 66 – In a Pool.

Kim’s Pool Story – Video One

Kim’s Pool Story- Video Two

Performance Date / Time / Location

Friday September 18th / 10 PM / Scona pool, 10450 72 Avenue, West entrance

Sunday September 20th / 10 PM / Scona pool, 10450 72 Avenue, West entrance

Performance Summary:

This performance includes water, live bodies and projected online material. This performance will force spectators in real time and space, to situate—and if they choose, implicate—themselves in the event.

Additionally, while the project will center around the proposed live event, we will begin the performance—and relationship with potential audience members— on our blog and on YouTube. During the live event, each participant will receive an artist book multiple which will serve to extend the performance further.

Artist Statement:

As IdeaAssassins one of our main goals is to engage—via performance—with intersections between theory and practice. All of the theories that we have previously engaged with, and continue to explore are heavily mediated by the notion of water. We seek to both activate and explore contemporary forms of subjectivity, which are inherently fluid and unstable. Fueled by the placement of technology on the body, subjectivity becomes an expanded notion that takes into account and questions the body, the mind, and the tools we use in quotidian existence. This project attempts to perform and problematize these contemporary notions of the subject, and highlight forged connexions, broken binaries, and saturated, hypermediated modes of perception.